Illusion and Reality

I AM a portion of your Ancient and Future Self.

To some, my words will forever remain fiction, yet to other they will ring as the truth of reality.

Whether it be their reality or the reality of some other individual means nothing to me…

for I know in truth, they are fiction and reality both.

For in honesty, ALL is Illusion…… and it is Illusion which gives power and form to both fiction, and… to the truth of realities.

Any reality.

So I say to you…..

                Continue the journey through what is held within these pages as speaks to you;

be it Reality or Fiction.

For you see,

the Illusion is ours to create as it befits what is necessary for the edification of the Individual Self as it relates to the ONE.

We are Illusion

We are Reality




Azure LOA of Shambahalla

1/12/12  © Essence Ka tha’ras 2012

The Gang of 1979…..A Moment of Shared Time Reality

Recently I purchased a book entitled:

The Return of the Rebel Angels

The Urantia Mysteries and the Coming of the Light

by: Timothy Wyllie

As I sifted through the pages of this book upon first acquiring it, for some reason the authors mention of the ancient Christian Sect known as the Cathars stood out for me. I was already familiar with a very basic knowledge of the Cathar movement and knew they and their beliefs were considered heretical by the early Christian Church, but never felt any desire to research them or what they believed any further, and interestingly enough, still don’t. Still I found myself posing the question about what anyone else might know or feel about them on a forum site I belong to; one run by a good friend of mine, known as The Luminous Garden. Another friend who belongs to this same site responded, and during our exchange of information on the topic of The Cathars, this article, let’s calls it, was born. The most interesting thing about all of this to me is the fact that this article has, as far as I can see, absolutely nothing to do with The Cathars; and neither myself nor my friend really seem drawn to knowing any more about them than we already do. So, with that part of this story told, I now move on to what was originally born from all of this; which interestingly enough, doesn’t really seem to have an extremely poignant concept or reason to it, other than for me to share an entertaining story from my personal life.

Like I shared on The Luminous Garden, “Sometimes we just have to acquiesce to a larger picture Spirit has in mind that we do not see yet. So that is what I am doing.”


I’m going to share something about myself. Nothing really exciting, just a simply fact. In my early life, (this lifetime…lol) I did not like to read. I was more into writing. Actually that is not altogether correct either. I think I would have to say I was more into socializing than anything else. To this day, I have still not read any of what mainstream society calls “The Classics”, except for a bit of Shakespeare, (mostly in bits and pieces), Dante Alighieri’s, Divine Comedy, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and most all of the works of Joseph Campbell, although I am not sure if mainstream thought holds his work among their entitled “Classics” or not. These are the types of works I cut my literary teeth on. In this type of literature I found something of interest to me. I am sure what is considered among “The Classics” is of great value on many levels; I have just never been drawn to read it. As I write this, I am struck by the supposition that the reasoning for my lack of interest in “The Classics” is because I abhor drama. I had enough drama in my life in those earlier days, and I have worked very hard on myself, and the drama I created and allowed into my life, in order to eliminate it. I am still very conscious of what I allow into my life so as not to create any undo drama. I find the energy of drama to be extremely draining and a waste of my time and efforts.

Now, on with the sharing of my nonessential personal revelation.

At the age of somewhere between 19 and 21ish, I began the second phase of my Spiritual Awakening in a truly earnest form. Suddenly I couldn’t read fast enough, but only those types of work that dealt with subjects such as Astrology, Numerology, Shamanism, Quantum Physics, Alchemy and Magick, the Kabbalah, Ancient Civilizations and their beliefs, etc., Read the rest of this entry

Shambahalla New Earth Multi-Dimensional Workshop with Essence


For those who do not yet know, this coming Saturday, March 3, 2012, I will be holding the very first Shambahalla New Earth Multi-Dimensional Workshop in Beaumont, TX.


Is there something calling you?  A voice within that will not be silenced?

Do you feel a yearning to seek something you know is out there, even though you do not know what that some thing is?

Have you long harbored and nurtured an unexplainable desire to seek further and deeper for answers unknown?

 Then this Workshop is for you

 Join us as we explore what lies beyond the limiting boundaries of currently accepted reality


This workshop is designed to assist you in beginning to move beyond current belief created boundaries set in place by mainstream society intended to keep the Collective Consciousness of Humanity held in low vibrational frequencies that do not allow for the individual to be Spiritually Responsible for Self.

You will be introduced to concepts, and learn techniques, that will take you beyond the limits of self-imposed boundaries of currently accepted reality into a safe place where you can connect with, and come to know your Individual I AM Self. You will learn how to communicate with this Aspect of Self, and others, in a manner that will assist you on your Spiritual Journey, as well as in your day-to-day life.

This is a workshop for those who are ready to know more; for those who are ready to view reality in an expanded form, and who will no longer allow fear to stifle their growth and the ways in which they know the Divine ONE Self.

This is a workshop for those who are ready to expand their world, take responsibility for their own Spiritual Journey and growth, and thereby assist in the Awakenment of All Humanity.

Please join us in this Loving work of the Divine ONE


If you desire to attend and it is possible for you to do so, please e-mail me  at and let me know. I ask this simply because I am making the final preparations for the day and the presentation. Even if  you don’t decide to join us until the last minute , please don’t let that stop you. Just be at the Unity Church at 1555 S. 23rd St. in Beaumont, TX  before 10a.m. on Saturday morning. Please bring a light lunch and a yoga mat, comfortable folding chair, or pillow; whatever you use to be comfortable during long stretches of deep meditation. I will supply water that has been infused with energy designed specifically for this workshop.

This one day workshop will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the cost is $33. This is a one time introductory price. (after this the price will be $77.) So please join us on this extraordinary journey into the realms of expanded reality that exist beyond the boundaries set in place by mainstream society.



Blessings from All Realms of Creation

Essence Ka tha’ras



I’m Sorry          Please Forgive Me

I Love You            Thank You

Ho’oponopono, (pronounced ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient and sacred traditional Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

According to Wikipedia, “Hoʻoponopono” is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary as “mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness.” Literally, hoʻo is a particle used to make an actualizing verb from the following noun, as would “to” before a noun in English. Here, it creates a verb from the noun pono, which is defined as

“goodness, uprightness, morality, moral qualities, correct or proper procedure, excellence, well-being, prosperity, welfare, benefit, true condition or nature, duty; moral, fitting, proper, righteous, right, upright, just, virtuous, fair, beneficial, successful, in perfect order, accurate, correct, eased, relieved; should, ought, must, necessary.”

Ponopono is defined as “to put to rights; to put in order or shape, correct, revise, adjust, amend, regulate, arrange, rectify, tidy up, make orderly or neat.”

So to state it in a proverbial nutshell, Ho’oponopono means “to make right“.

Simply stated, Ho’oponopono is a belief that illness and disease are caused by disharmonious thoughts, words and deeds. Ho’oponopono teaches that we are 100% responsible for everything that happens in our lives as the individual we are, and because we are all One Divine Being Self, we are also responsible for each other. Ho’oponopono teaches us that the reason there is disharmony, illness, disease, famine, war, etc. on our planet is because we are not living in a manner of balance and harmony with our Divine Nature.

Ho’oponopono is very simple to do. First you consciously   Read the rest of this entry

Conscious Intent & Purpose

Greetings To All,

For some time now I have subscribed to a wordpress blog known by the name of its author… Matariki. In the Māori language, Matariki is both the name of the Pleiades star cluster and also of the season of its first rising.


This past week an article she wrote caught my attention. It was entitled “Things Being Unearthed”. In the next day or two, I happened to read a follow-up article entitled “Choosing to See”. Both of these articles are about personal memories she is having come up from her childhood as are associated with her experiences within the Catholic Church, most specifically, the ritual of receiving her First Holy Communion. Now normally this would not be something that would capture my attention, but for some reason it did. I have been on my Spiritual Awakening Journey long enough to know that when I am prompted in ways such as I was by these articles; I am to pay attention and act as I am led.


Originally I simply intended to write a brief comment on her blog and leave it at that, but that simple comment turned into something much more. It is that “something much more” I share with you here. Yet before I do, I would like to address one or two issues.


The energy within the following information I have written, and the information shared by Matariki carries in it a fairly strong overtone of “Conspiracy Theory” energy; that is until you read this article in full.  Although I keep myself apprised of the information that has come to be thought of as “Conspiracy Theory”, and I personally see it, and understand it to be born of truth, I also know it has the potential to instill fear and anxiety within those who don’t fully understand its workings within our Realm of Reality. (This point is addressed in the following article). For this reason alone, I most often choose not to add to feeding it any energy by writing about it and releasing that energy into the Energy Field of the Collective Consciousness. I do not judge those whose work it to expose such information to the masses, as a matter of fact, I have much respect for their work; but in that same turn, I do not judge myself for not participating in that work on a regular basis. This is because I KNOW it is not the work I have come to this planet to do in this particular point in time and space.


If you have begun reading this, I highly urge you to finish the article in full. Even though it may contain information that may cause you feelings and emotions of discomfort at first, in the end it will leave you filled with energy that is high in frequency and full of Hope and Divine Love. Also, we fully understand that there are no accidents in this journey we are on; only Divine Synchronicities. It is by no accident you have found your way to these words and the information and energy contained within them. You have been bought here purposely by your Higher Self and your Etheric Guides.


I can attest personally to the energy of assistance woven into this information. I fully believe that simply by reading this article in full, you will experience personal information and issues you are currently working on being brought to the surface for you to heal and release.


With that said, I now share the article in full.






Church’s Intents & Purposes

Lies & Stolen Power


Are you familiar with books such as “The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk, “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves, or even the work of “fiction” by Marion Zimmer Bradley entitled, “The Mists of Avalon”?


All of these works, fiction and nonfiction, speak of the stolen power of the Goddess/Matriarchal lineage by the Patriarchal lines of Christianity as it came into power. How they “purposely” built their Holy sites upon the Places of Power of the Ancient Sacred Mother, and how with conscious “intent” they did defile and desecrate the Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals of the Goddess’ Creative Energies in order to steal Her Sacred Power and send her Matriarchal lineage into oblivion.


This has been one of their main objective and intention since the beginning of their sacrilegious creation.


It has been many years since I read these books, (20+), but if I remember correctly, Starhawk and Robert Graves both wrote of the knowledge that “Satan”, (as this concept is accepted today by a vast majority of people on this planet), is a construct of Christianity. Emanating from, and purposely convoluted from the sources upon which Christianity was birthed, the current concept of “Satan” was created solely to instill fear into the energy fields of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity. The purpose behind this is to be able to more easily gain control of the thought processes of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity, which in turn gives control of the creative powers of vast amounts of energy to these, would-be world dominators.


Priests holding High Office originally created the rituals of “Satanism” in the bowels of the Christian’s Sacred Temples and Churches. Temples and Churches that had been built upon sites Sacred to the Goddess. These “Satanic Rituals” were “purposely” created by defiling Ancient Sacred Rituals of the Goddess lineage with the use of profane, irreverent, and obscene atrocities against humanity, especially against women and children. The control of women and children (especially female children) is of vital importance to maintaining their control. This is because women and children are the purest embodiment of the Goddess in matter’s form. This is why in patriarchal dogmatic religious belief system(s) women and children are to be subservient to men. This allows the patriarchal line to more easily control them and their energy through their thoughts and beliefs.


The conscious “intentional” use of torture, rape, and murder were common practices in their unholy rites. This is because of the high amounts of vile and nefarious energy that can be created, gathered and harnessed for use in the creation of their plan for world domination. The distribution and dissemination of wooden and stone reliefs portraying these torturous acts among the “common people” played a vitally important role in the propaganda used in the early stages of the Church’s take over of the Souls of Man. Along with other equally sinister programming techniques of fear inducing brainwashing and consciousness rewiring they were able to, within a relatively short period of time, gain a strong hold on the thoughts and beliefs of the masses. This practice is also to where modern pornography owes its creation.


As stated previously, when you control the thoughts and beliefs of someone, you control their power. When you have control of a person’s power it allows you to harvest their energy for use in any form of creation you choose. Essentially by controlling a person in this way they become nothing more than a source of energy, a simple battery. The more batteries, (people) whose energy, via their thoughts and concretely held beliefs, you control, the larger the battery pack you have at your disposal for whatever your work at hand may be. Remember, energy is simply energy. It is neither positive nor negative; it holds a neutral charge. It has no intrinsic value of “good” or “evil” within its form, and is not attached to any given creation as a preferred choice. The use of energy for what is accepted as “good” or “evil” by any individual or collectively conscious entity is created with, by and through, applying “conscious intent” to a desired outcome.


Also let it be understood here, that when you have this strong and restricting a hold on a person’s thoughts and beliefs, by all intents and purposes, you have control of their actions. By any number and mixture of various means of pre-programming you are able to control, dictate and direct how they will respond to any given stimuli; especially stimuli that has been, and continues to be, programmed into their subconscious minds over an extended period of time. In actuality, many of the lower density frequency programs have been used for such an extended period of linear time, and have become so deeply engrained in the energy field of the Collective Consciousness, they have now become spiritually hereditary; being passed from generation to generation through semi-dormant strands of Spiritual DNA whose workings are understood and manipulated by factions of this same patriarchal line of controllers. (We will further discuss a bit about Spiritual DNA later on).


Many of you may be familiar with the blatant “rituals” preformed on world stages recently, and/or know about those set to be broadcast in the very near future. I would like to address this and share a few thoughts. (After much deliberation, I have made a conscious intentional choice not to share specific events, names or web-site links to articles and/or videos of three recent events that fall into this category simply because, as I stated earlier, “this is not the work I have come to this planet to do in this particular point in time and space”. Do know, the information is out there and easily found on the web. If you feel the need to research it further I’m sure a simple google search will bring you to all you desire to know).


1) Reasons we are seeing so much blatant “ritual” recently

The Controllers of the Souls of Man would like us to believe the reason they resorted to performing such extravagant and powerful rituals on world stages is because they are so powerful they no longer feel the need to remain hidden. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, they are loosing their strangle hold grip on the Energy Field of the Collective Consciousness to such an extent that they are left with no alternative but to resort to extreme and drastic measures.  Let’s look at this for a moment.


Energies such as we are speaking of here are created from, and owe their very existence to, the energy of the “Shadow Side” of Light. This is not only where they are most comfortable, it is truly where they exist and operate from and where they are most powerful. Actually, it is the only place they have any true power at all.


When they move into full view of the Light, they loose energy. Just as the Vampires of mythological legends turn to dust if touched by a ray of sunlight, so too do the forces born of the Shadow Side, (more commonly known as the Forces of Darkness), run the risk of annihilation if they step too far into the Light for any extended period of time.


Think of it this way. Darkness only exists because of the absence of light— if you shine light into an area of darkness, the darkness ceases to exist. If a Group Collective Consciousness, or if you prefer, a Conscious (Group) Entity is created from and exists within and because of, the Darkness and you remove the Darkness, the Group Collective Consciousness existing within that area of Darkness has only two choices. It can either retreat into another area of Darkness, or face complete annihilation. But it cannot exist within the Light.


This is part of the reason the work of those who are called to expose the workings of the forces of the Shadow Side is so important. They are those who carry the Light forward and shine it into the darkness so as to assist the masses in more easily being able to see the truth of what is hidden from their closed, sleeping eyes. For with every human who raises their consciousness and awakens to the truth, the room for Light to enter expands and is held more firmly in place, until eventually, there will be no more room for darkness to exist within the Energy Field of this expanded Collective Consciousness we are awakening to and remembering our place within.


2) Conspiracy Theory Energy & Its Uses by the Forces of the Shadow Side…..

Anything, any Truth… the Shadow Side deems capable of interfering with their agenda, or being able to contribute to their annihilation, THEY label with the tag of “Conspiracy Theory”. This is also very purposely and intentionally done. This is a Matrix program used to make any information they label with the tag  “Conspiracy Theory” less acceptable to everyone, but it is especially aimed at making it unacceptable to the mainstream population who are the most spiritually unawakened and still under the Shadow Side’s control. (i.e. those who are much more easily kept from thinking outside of the boundaries of the box created to house them in).


There is a very particular energy they have created and attached to the thought form of “Conspiracy Theory”. Think about this. No matter who you are, no matter what your beliefs are about whether or not any information has merit to it or not, if you read about it, or hear about it from any source, particularly via the news media, and you are told it is nothing more than the latest “Conspiracy Theory”, there is an energy that immediately floods into your auric field that is not comfortable. It is an energy that either makes you want to back away from it, or in some way holds a “darkness”, or heaviness about it that makes you feel uncomfortable to some extent or another. If you have not ever noticed this, I urge you to pay attention to it from now on. This has been done purposely so as to deter anyone from believing the exposed information; but it is especially aimed at keeping the sleeping masses from accepting the truth. They have created a protective shell around themselves using the energy of those they are enslaving. But this is nothing new; this is how they have always created and maintained their control. They use the energy of those they enslave to keep them enslaved. This is truly one of their better ideas.


3) Reasons why it was easier to maintain their control in say… the 1950’s as opposed as to what it is in 2012.

Fewer awakened individuals equates to less complicated matrix programs necessary to maintain control of the majority percentage of energy of the Collective Consciousness Energy Field. This means it took less complicated programs to run and maintain their Matrix Illusion, which means it took less energy. They had more energy surplus to be used in areas other than simply maintaining their control of the Collective. (Let’s use this analogy… they had unused gigs of memory on their computers (surpluses of energy) they could use to create and load more games to play). It now takes all the energy they can create, gather, harness, and direct to simply maintain their control. They are losing ground, and they are becoming desperate in their actions in attempting to rein the Collective Consciousness and the Majority Control of its Energy Field back in under their control.


4) The more people who awaken, the more they awaken, individually and collectively.

As the process of Spiritual Awakenment expands the less percentage of the Collective Consciousness Energy Field the Shadow Side Controllers are in control of. This being the case, they are therefore required, out of sheer necessity for their own survival, to implement new, stronger and more detailed Matrix programs to maintain control of a minimum required percentage of the Collective Consciousness’ energy they need in order for them to constantly recreate and maintain their illusions and control.

The stronger and more detailed the programs they are required to implement, the more energy they require to run their matrix illusions. If this process if taken past a set percentage of energy use and exchange, they reach a “point of no return” whereupon, unless corrected, their matrix and all its programmed illusions will implode upon themselves. This is a large part of the reason why, they recently deemed it necessary to take complete control of the analog energy fields and compress the running of their Matrix Machine and it projected programs into a fully digital field.


The digital energy field is a more precise, more compacted energy field, and requires less energy to operate. But don’t be fooled, the Digital Energy Field has its weakness’.


The Digital Energy Field operates at a faster frequency rate than that of the analog. In other words, the Analog Energy Field is much denser, (vibrates much slower), than the Digital Energy Field. It was easier to run less complicated programs of control in the analog field, (it took less energy), but it became necessary to compress the running of the Matrix Machines into the Digital Field in full, because too many people where waking up and becoming able to view too well through the illusion projected into the Analog Field. The Awakened vibrate at a faster frequency rate, therefore they are what we describe as “less dense”, (pun sort of intended…lol).


Remember matter is not solid, and neither is their projected illusion. They have to maintain it constantly in order to keep it appearing as solid and “real”. Because of the more detailed programs they have been forced to create, run and maintain, and the higher frequency rates required to run them, it is taking more and more percentage of the energy of the Collective Consciousness Energy Field they control just to keep their basic programs running. They are being forced to try and take control of a larger percentage of the Collective Consciousness Energy Field just to keep from losing complete control and being exposed to the Light, whereby they either have to leave this realm or face annihilation.


If you watch closely throughout your daily routine you can see proof of this through the many minor glitches in the Matrix programs that are now constantly occurring. The best and easiest place to begin viewing these glitches is on your “digital” television screen and your mobile phones.


5) Back to that Spiritual DNA we were talking about

By now most Lightworkers are aware of the process of activating multiple “new” strands of Spiritual DNA. The Spiritual DNA we are currently activating has always been a part of our complete Spiritual Self, and is necessary for raising the frequency of our physical and etheric bodies so as to enable us to, safely and effectively move “back into” our Light Bodies. Sometimes this process is misunderstood. It is more clearly stated that we are RE-Activating these Spiritual DNA strands. They have always been there; we just stepped too deeply into dense frequency vibratory rate realms for them to operate at full capacity. In a very basic manner, the vast majority of these Spiritual DNA strands had to shut down almost completely or we would not have been capable of moving into such dense frequency realms. This DNA has always been within us, and the knowledge of this hidden and almost completely dormant DNA allowed those who knew of it to implant mechanisms and devices into it that aided them in using it in controlling ways. Keeping the knowledge of these “Spiritual DNA Strands” hidden for as long as possible was the first order of business for the Shadow Side Forces.


Strategically placed locks within particular Spiritual DNA Strands create blockages to the knowledge of the truth of humankind’s Spiritual heritage. Tactically placed, these obstructions create stumbling blocks that, although they cannot and will not halt the inevitable outcome of all that is encompassed in the current Ascension process, if left unchecked and unattended, can and will, slow the process.


Every truth humans reawaken to, deal with and take charge of implementing into their lives, individually and collectively, is one less blockage that can hinder the progression of our journey home to ONEness.


6) Remember… Who WE Are

As hard as it is for us to accept at times, we must remember that those BE-ings, human or otherwise, who are a part of the Forces of the Shadow Side of Light, are sparks of the consciousness of the Source of the Divine ONE, just as are we. They are merely playing a part in an illusionary drama of Divine Creation.


Just as we were sent forth from, and emanate from, the Divine Source of the ONE to experience so as to expand the field of Consciousness of the ONE…. so too are they. We simply exist in this NOW moment in Space and Time, in a particular Realm of Reality that is created from, and holds a form, that is dependant on an energy of Duality for its creation and existence. THIS… is what creates an US and THEM.


If you can step outside of your current Aspect of Self, (who you are incarnate as in this lifetime), and view all of this from the perspective of an Aspect of Self that exists within another Reality and Realm that holds and sees an expanded overview of this Realm and Reality, you can more fully see the truth of what is transpiring here. This expanded perspective alone, sheds much Light on what is truly at stake here, and gives much hope to what the outcome of this illusionary drama truly will be. Indeed, from this expanded perspective it is possible to see, create, and choose what outcome has already transpired.


We, Essence Ka tha’ras and the Q4 of Shambahalla and New Earth, do offer as our deepest wish and desire for each of you, be that you awaken to the fullest Aspect of Self possible in this Here and Now as exists for you individually and Collectively as the Group Consciousness responsible for the betterment of your region and realm of, This…  your current Universal System.


Blessings from All Realms of Creation do we bestow upon you.

We do now end this transmission of energy information.







© 2012 Essence Ka tha’ras

Please feel free to share this with others, but please do give proper credit. Please, if you share this with others, do so without charge, and please include a link back to Essence Ka tha’ras at any of the following links…..

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A Simple Test

Greetings All,

Just testing some “new to me” computer/web-site” stuff.   Please bear with me as I learn…

Creation IS

Creation IS

It exists within this moment…

All you need do is

BE, Expand &

Allow its Unfoldment


Azure LOA of Shambahalla





Energy of………

An Introduction & A Reminder


I would like to take a quick moment to introduce myself and explain a bit about the work and information you will find here at this site……….

Shambahalla New Earth

I AM………….. Essence Ka tha’ras

I AM a Spiritual Growth Guide and Awakening Facilitator

I do many different types of energy work, Intuitive Readings, including Akashic Readings, and I AM a Conduit of Energy and an Agent of Communication for “Etheric Be-ings” of Shambahalla, New Earth and many other Multi-Dimensional Realms of Reality.

In the days to come, I will be posting more and more information on, not only myself and my Sacred Contractual work, but I will also be introducing the “Q4” and explaining who they are and how I came to be working with them.

For now, I would like to share a bit of information they presented me with for my personal benefit as I begin this journey with each of you. Even though this information was initially given for my personal assistance, I know it will benefit many others as they step out into more mainstream factions of society to begin doing their Sacred Contractual work in a much more public manner. So in that vein I now share the following words of encouragement and counsel from the Q4 of Shambahalla and New Earth.


“We Gather,

What we share “here” is a reminder of energy shared before. We repeat the basic message to assist in making stronger the information (into your energy field), and therefore the learning of it becomes held in a much more (forward) conscious manner.

We desire for you to always keep this information in the forefront of your conscious thought, especially when interacting with others.

The information we share with you, you are to, in turn, share with others. 

Read the rest of this entry

God Consciousness Expansion

“By its very nature, Consciousness seeks expansion.”

Azure LOA of Shambahalla

It is this natural impulse of Consciousness

that is the impetus which spurs and drives us

ever forward in our desire to learn and grow; to expand our Consciousness.

“God”, or more exactly, the concept the word “God” embodies

Is this Consciousness.

“God Consciousness” is not static,

but is ever learning, ever growing

Ever Expanding.

Essence Ka tha’ras

1/13/12  © Essence Ka tha’ras 2012
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